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Smartbox-Plus is a service aimed at highlighting what you offer in the digital domain in intelligent and creative ways. The potential of modern media form is enormous when it comes to sharing your information online.

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» Promotions for small to medium businesses
» The introduction of new services or products
» Helping you create the right look and feel
» Fine tuning your message to your target audience
» Managing all your media

Tap into the promotional power of Social Media via our Plus packages!


We concentrate on helping small to medium businesses develop a practical and easy to execute marketing plan for short or longer periods. And we do this for attractive prices that fit your budget.


We are experts in bringing your Facebook page alive. A greater amount of likes, shares and followers will positively effect your brand recognition. Ask us about our way of working!


Want us to teach your employees how to better create and manage content for Social Media or Website? We can train them to understand and post messages in line with your brand strategy!